Increase in Tax Payment

(Based on 47.40¢ Tax Rate Increase)

Average Home Value

The Above values do not include exemptions such as Homestead Exemption, Disabled Veterans Exemption, Over 65 Exemption, etc. which may lower your tax levy.

Amortization Schedule
Amortization Schedule

What is a bond election?

A bond election requires the voter to express support for or against the selling of City bonds.

If the bond election is approved, the City sells bonds and uses the bond proceeds to pay for the construction of the City’s planned facilities. State law restricts a city to only using bond revenues for purposes outlined in the Bond Election.

2018 Ferris Municipal Bond Correction

The City of Ferris would like to notify the public of an error contained in some of the distributed information regarding the 2018 Municipal Bond.  Specifically, information about the over 65 tax exemption was incorrect.  Ferris does have a $3000 exemption for persons over the age of 65. The information distributed indicated that the exemption would freeze the tax ceiling.  This section should have stated that the bond rating will be applied to the appraised value minus the $3000 exemption.  We are taking steps to remove any pamphlets with erroneous information as well as correcting information found online.   The City apologizes for any inconvenience or confusion this error may have caused.  Should you have any questions about the over 65 exemption please contact Ferris City Hall at 972-544-2110.        

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