Targeted Industries

Targeted Industries

The Strategic Plan created for the Interstate 45 Corridor and the Downtown/Main Street region is a blueprint to capitalize on the strengths of the city and serves as a foundation for recruitment of targeted industry. The City of Ferris, Department of Economic Development's approach is focused on:

  • Existing Workforce;
  • Education of a Robust and Viable Workforce;
  • Economic Development Process;
  • Current Industries; and
  • Available Sites for Development

Each of the industries to the right are targeted industries based on existing industries within this region that are vital for future economic and workforce development activities. Please contact us if you would like additional information in bringing your business to the City of Ferris.

Destination Retail

Many retail sectors are looking to the City of Ferris and because of the resources available to the development of retail, we continue to see robust growth in this area. Access to major highways, a large trade area, growing demand, and a location just minutes from downtown Dallas are a few reasons that retailers within Ferris have discovered the positive impact of locating here. It is because of a strong demand from a large populace that we are targeting Department Stores, Clothing Stores, Grocery Stores, Restaurants,  Entertainment & Recreation, Medical Services of both emergency and non-emergency and Hotel and Traveler Accommodations to locate within the City of Ferris. Click on any of the Business Cases located to the right to learn more about the demand for these industries. Included within each of these documents is a complete Workforce Analysis and Revenue Opportunity studies.