Water Production Division:

The  head of this division is Michael Hamilton.

It is the responsibility of this division to secure adequate water supplies for the City of Ferris and to bring those supplies to main distribution points within the water system.  The actual production of treated water currently comes from two sources.  The first source is a series of water wells within the City Limits where ground water is taken and then treated by the City before being released into the water distribution system.  The second source is from the Rockett Special Utility District, which provides bulk treated water to the City from its treatment facility southwest of the City of Ferris.  While there is some variation in the percentage of supply that is provided by each source during various times of the year, they are generally on a 50% of total quantity share with each other.  The budget for this division is responsible for the care and maintenance of the central points of collection, water tanks and towers, as well as external lines which supply the City, treatment facilities, and the payment of outside agencies such as Rockett SUD for the provision of treated water.

Water Distribution:
The head of this division is Michael Hamilton.

View the City of Ferris 2019 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report 

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It is the responsibility of this division to install, repair, and maintain the water distribution pipes that deliver potable water obtained by various sources from the water treatment division to the industrial, commercial, and residential customers of the water utility of the City of Ferris.  When necessary, this division is responsible for designing and installing extensions and improvements to the system that will provide for better flow in the existing system and provide water utility to addition customers.  When leaks or breaks occur within the distribution system, it is this division’s responsibility to find and repair those leaks.  The Division Superintendent works with the Public Works Director and the City’s Engineering Consultant to suggest, design, and implement improvements to the system.  The budget for this system includes money for engineering and materials for those purposes. 


It is the responsibility of this division to provide maintenance and repairs to the streets and traffic signs of the City.  In addition, this division is responsible for the maintenance for the storm drainage ditches and piping throughout the City that carries away storm water following a rain event.  This division provides painted markings on streets and curbs when appropriate, installs and repairs street signs, repairs authorizes traffic control signs, and mows City owned property.  The division will repair cracks and potholes in streets within the City and will coordinate major improvements to streets and drainages when they are funded and when they occur.  The division is responsible for keeping storm drainage ditches adequately open and in a good state of repair so that the ditches are well maintained.

Park Division:

Currently this division has no full-time employees and its operations are supervised by the Director of Public Works.  The budget for the division provides for the payment of contractual services such as electric service at the ballpark and other maintenance payments.  The budget also provides for supplies and material needed to maintain the various park sites within the City Limits.  The actual physical labor of maintaining the parks is accomplished by employees in other divisions doing this work as an additional duty.  Recent expenditures have included matching funds for grants received to accomplish park improvements.

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